Friday, December 21, 2007

Riley's Christmas

My Riley is as much a member of our family as any of us people. Dave bought Riley for me for my birthday in 2002 and from that day forward, Riley has been my "first best boy."

There are lots of things I love about my Riley, but one of the things I love the most is how he loves Christmas as much as we do. You might be wondering how I know he loves Christmas. I know because of the way he stares at the lights on the tree, and the way he will position himself in my photos vying for that oh-so-important place on the family Christmas card. But the thing that makes me the most sure of myself is the way he checks his stocking each and every day before Christmas morning.

Everyone in the family has a Christmas stocking, including Riley. His hangs on a support beam that you see as soon as you walk in the front door. It is all white and he knows it is his. He gets up on his hind legs every day to see if it has been filled. On Christmas morning, as we all follow Mason out to the living room to see what Santa has left under the tree, Riley is jumping up and down, pawing at this stocking. When I take it down for him, we sit on the step and he pulls each item out, one by one. After everything has been opened and he has checked out what other gifts have been received, he will sit with his pile of toys, playing with each one. Yes, without a doubt, Riley is as much my child, anticipating and loving Christmas as Mason is. This I know.

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bsofthewest said...

My 3 dogies send greetings to Riley, and I send greetings to you all. Bettie