Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Where Do You Live In Life?

Here's some food for thought - are you lifting your community up or hindering their progress? Think about this - the efforts of others may not be your passion or where you would put your energy, but is it really necessary to hinder their effort? Sometimes it is more about a bigger picture, or the ability to go through a process than it is about the outcome of the idea. 

Putting in a kitchen in at AVCCS is less about an actual kitchen than it is about the lessons a 10 year old boy is learning about community, progress, fundraising, how to ask people for help and then thank them profusely for their support. At the time, I had to ask, "Will we reach our goal?" My answer was, "I think we will." and you all know we did, but sadly, my 10 year old got a lesson in small town politics. In cases like this, which side do you want to be on, the side that encourages and teaches, or the side that hinders and puts up barriers for reasons that make no sense? I know where I live, and where I want to see more people live with me... with love, lots and lots of love - we all need more love!

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