Monday, February 1, 2016

Boxes Everywhere!

We. Are. Exhausted. We spent this last week and weekend finishing our move from the rental to the new house. Why is it when you move that the last day it seems like there is more little stuff than what fills the whole house? The last bits of paper, rags, cleaning products, yard tools, and more. More what? I ask because I wonder if I even need this stuff. It doesn't matter, now I need to focus on all the boxes that are surrounding us in the new house and start figuring out what of our old stuff works in the new house.

In addition to unpacking, Mason and I are preparing to leave for Chicago for a cooking competition and then we will return home only to visit Lake Tahoe the next weekend. The question is, will be we able to relax and unwind knowing we have so much to do at home, home sweet home.

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