Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

Lots of thought about what I want to manifest for 2015, for me. 
I want to paint more, lots more! I want to go to the licensing show in Las Vegas in June and sell my art work to some awesome company. 
I want to produce videos for the little things I think make a difference in my kitchen. Everything from how I work with Mason to inspire him to cook, to making my own extracts. I know my friends have asked about making cookies and baking, but I want to just share, share, share - our favorite recipes from the stuff we like to eat everyday, to our recipes from the various contests and the stuff we do just for fun. I don't know if there is an audience for whatever the "Kathy Show" is, but maybe that doesn't matter. 
I want to finish my cook book (that kind of ties into the videos as I could make the video as I test the recipes). It will be an e-book with links to great products, festivals and how-to videos. Making it an e-book makes it super affordable and lends itself to the other mediums that could bring the recipes to life. Again, not sure about the audience, but it will be something Mason and Mason's kids would have after I'm gone. 
Finally, I want to create the culinary curriculum for Alta Vista Community Charter School grades 1-5. My initial ideas are that grades 1 and 2 learn with non-cooking recipes, while grads 3-5 can actually learn to cook. I want the culinary curriculum at the school to be such that people want to enroll their child or children in our school because of this educational opportunity. Every May, the kids can host the community luncheon as the final fundraiser for the school and as an opportunity to show off their culinary skills.
These are just the things I want to accomplish personally. My professional list is on a separate piece of paper. It's January 2nd, I suppose I better get to it, I only have 12 months!

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