Wednesday, November 10, 2010

School's In - School's Out

It's that time of year, as parents, we loathe and love all at the same time! School's in - school's out!

I love that Mason has time off during the holidays and I'm incredibly lucky because I work from home, so when he has minimum days and no school it's not so tough for me to adjust. This hasn't always been the case and when I worked outside of the home, it was tough to work out. I know stay-at-home moms who feel it's all very simple, you have kids, stay home and raise them. I guess until you are faced with the true financial need (to just get by, we're not living the life of luxury!), you may never fully get it. For me, I've always worked and sure, there have been times I've wondered if Mason suffered in any way, but for many reasons I believe we are all just fine.

I'll post a story that I wrote for Chicken Soup for the Working Mom's Soul on Friday. And for the record, whether you leave the house to go earn a paycheck or stay at home and don't get paid, if you are a mom, you are working!

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