Monday, July 12, 2010

Life And Summertime

This week, start with this little Motivator that is a Kathy Original.
It's how I see the comparisons between life and summertime.

"Make the most of each warm day, just as we must make the most
of each day with our children.
Just like the days that seem so long,
our kids sweet childhood days are gone in an instant.

Enjoy the warm nights that make us want to wear very little.
Take that same sexy feeling while wearing so little,
and passionately kiss your spouse.

Feed your daily life the energy that summer fills you with. T
he energy that's made up of all your life's summers combined.
Infuse it into this very minute and see what happens.
I bet it will create and even more magnificent energy.
That, to me, is what makes summertime so special."

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Tania said...

I love the look of the blog :-)

I need to visit more and keep up with your inspiring posts!