Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tough Times

It's inevitable, dark clouds roll in and taking shelter under a good, strong umbrella is comforting. Whether it's finances, car trouble, or a broken relationship, we have to confront these issues if we ever hope to get to the other side, the sunny side.

I became unemployed in February 2009 and with that loss of income our family was hit hard by the mortgage crisis. We are working with our lender to modify our loan and I'm hopeful that this will happen, but I have also been very proactive in making the calls, sending in the paperwork, and basically being the squeaky wheel. This is just one aspect of the stress we are all experiencing.

Another is the toll all of this is taking on our relationships, be it marriage, friendships, family, or business associates. When people feel these kinds of pressures, they tend to withdraw and communicate less. With less communication comes confusion and questions. More often than not you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, a confrontation. Even those of us who handle these situations more easily don't like them but the fact is, a confrontation is merely the warning signal that more communication is needed so understanding can occur. Understanding each other does not mean you will agree, but you can at least see the situation from the perspective of the other.

Take some time to connect and talk. We are all going through these tough times and having many of the same experiences. If you are invited to a barbecue, go. When a girlfriend calls you to join a girls night out, accept the invite. Get out and be with other people, not only will it be a nice distraction from whatever the current crisis is, but you never know, there just might be a connection or opportunity waiting for you!

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