Wednesday, July 22, 2009


When was the last time you laughed? I mean really laughed. The last time I really laughed was last night when Julianne and I were tweeting (yes, I twitter! @Kdpartak), and she told me a story about her family. I could share the story with you but frankly, you won't find it a stitch humorous. Never mind that, my point is that laughter feels so good! Why do we laugh less as we get older? I don't laugh as often as I might like to.

I see Mason laughing everyday. He will have conversations with pretend people and laugh out loud. He plays all the parts as he sees fit and laughs for everyone! He will make up jokes that have nothing to them, they make absolutely no sense, but he will finish with a big belly laugh. I'm thankful for Mason's joy, because he laughs so often, so do I. I don't find his jokes funny at all, but his happiness is contagious.

Find something today to laugh about. Make up a joke and then laugh. It will sound so canned and fake, that in and of itself will make you laugh for real. Try it and let me know!


Tania Reynaert said...
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Tania Reynaert said...

I made an error hahahaha

knock knock
who's there?
banana who?
banana pants guy!

all of Connor's jokes end with pants guy.
silly pants guy
monkey pants guy...pants guy, pants guy, pants guy!

I agree that these little ones keep the fun alive and well in us.
:-)I love it!

Kathy said...

Laughing! Sounds like Mason and Connor are going to love each other! Mason doesn't have one in particular that he uses, just silly, random stuff. Thanks for the smile. From Wacky-Yacky-Fast-Talking-Mom-Pants-Guy!